Northern New England Moose Viewing

Moose Watching Tips – Visiting Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Moose Country

Moose Country Maine New Hampshire VermontWe all enjoy driving around Northern New England and seeing the wildlife, and especially seeing one or more of the 40,000 moose that call these states home. But beware: as amazing as these animals are, they can also be hazardous to drivers. In the Northern New England States there are on average, three moose hit per day. A fully matured moose can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds. This WILL DO DAMAGE to your car, yourself, and possibly to others. To feature your outstanding Northern New England bed and breakfast country inn, please contact us.

Northern New England Moose Watching

Maine New Hampshire Vermont Maple Sugaring Season, Maple ProductsMoose have legs that are approximately 4 feet tall; this, combined with their large bodies, can make contact with a car and truck differently than contact with a smaller animal. The vehicle will strike the moose in the legs, sending the body into the windshield. Very seldom is this a fatal hit to the moose, and it will thrash around trying to get free. The other distinct difference is that the eyes of the moose do not reflect light. At night, you will not see its eyes shining back at you; you will just suddenly see the animal.

Knowing these things, slow down and keep alert when you come to visit our northern tier. There may not be as many other cars on the roads, but we have other issues, including our wonderful wildlife. Keep yourself safe and keep our wildlife here for others to see and enjoy.

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Bull Moose in Maine

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