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Northern New England Fall FoliageNE Fall Foliage Season – The most colorful time to visit New England. The Fall Foliage season in New England is among the best you will find in the world. Starting in mid-September and lasting through mid-October, New England is full of bright crimsons and brilliant golds. Peak foliage varies depending on the region you are visiting. The timing of when the peak of the fall foliage season depends on a wide variety of factors. The foliage season begins sooner the farther north one travels. New England Fall Foliage season begins in early September in the north and extend until late October in southern New England. The foliage is an affect of the trees preparing for the winter. So, the colder weather is what tells the trees to prepare for the coming winter. How much rain an area has received affects how much and what variety of colors are in that area. The most popular time for venturing north to view the beautiful New England foliage is Columbus Day Weekend. This is the weekend that the crowds tend to be the highest so make travel plans as far in advance as possible.

If you would like avoid the crowds travel earlier in the season. In general, the farther north you travel the earlier the autumn season will be found. In fact, fall foliage colors can be seen in the areas the northern White Mountains in early September!

There are several different ways to view the foliage. A planned driving route would allow for the viewing of a wide variety of foliage. A walk, hike or biking tour is another way of soaking in the whole New England fall experience. The brightly colored leaves, crisp fresh air, and wonderful vistas really make autumn in New England a wonderful time of year. To feature your outstanding Northern New England business, please contact us.

Northern New England Fall Foliage Vacations

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Timing your visit to view Vermont’s splendid fall foliage display is tricky, at best. There are a number of variables involved in determining when the colors will be the most vibrant in each region of the state. Due to the weather variables, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict exactly when the leaves will start turning color. The northern regions of Vermont will begin sooner than the southern regions, due to warm afternoons followed by cool evenings. However, an over-abundance of rain and wind or an extreme heat wave and drought, will effect the overall timing and vibrancy of Vermont’s foliage season. Visit Vermont Living Magazine to find Vermont’s most popular foliage drives, updated foliage reports and foliage FAQ’s


Portsmouth Fall Foliage | Concord Fall Foliage | Keene Fall Foliage | Dartmouth Fall Foliage | Laconia Fall Foliage | White Mountain Fall Foliage | Pittsburg Fall Foliage The state of New Hampshire is one of the nation’s prettiest places to view fall foliage. New Hampshire has an abundance of paved, easy to navigate, back roads and by-ways ideal for exploring and photographing Fall Foliage. This northern New England offers mountain vistas and valley panoramas, ocean views, and sparkling lakes. From the seacoast to the White Mountains, from the Monadnock region to the Great North Woods – see New Hampshire first this fall season. Visit to find New Hampshire’s most popular foliage drives, updated foliage reports and foliage FAQ’s


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Maine’s foliage season runs roughly from mid-September to mid-October, but this varies widely depending on weather, topography, and geography. During this time, the deciduous trees of Maine begin their colorful transformation.
Columbus Day Weekend is often the focal point of fall foliage excursions although “peak colors” usually arrive well before the end of October in most of northern and central Maine. Travelers should plan ahead and arrive early to avoid the crowds and get the pick of Maine’s better lodging accommodations. Visit to find Maine fall foliage drives, foliage FAQ’s, events, and much more.

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